Friday, January 30, 2015


The Government is to be applauded for its decision to restore military ties with the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.   Those ties were rightly broken by Prime Minister Helen Clark  back in 2006 at the time of the third coup which saw the military head, Frank Bainimarama, installed as Prime Mister over the ousted Laisenia Qarase.   

The situation changed with Fiji's return to a parliamentary democracy following the September 2014 election which saw Bainimarama's Fiji First Party win with close on 60% of the vote against a turnout of 84%.   The elections were generally considered to have been free and fair.

New Zealand has a long history of military involvement with Fiji stretching back to 1941 and maintained a substantial presence in that country with 5 Sqn RNZAF operating Short Sunderland MR5 aircraft based at  Lauthala Bay through until 1968.   1 Battalion, Fiji Infantry Regiment, which served in Malaya from 1952 through until 1956 during the 'Emergency', contained a number of New Zealand officers and, as late as 1967, during my first tour to Malaysia we had a Fijian officer attached to our battalion.   Fijian officers (and other ranks) regularly trained in New Zealand and indeed, one of my fellow students on the Grade 2 Staff and Tactics (Staff College selection) course was Sitiveni Rabuka best known as the driving force behind the two military coups that shook Fiji in 1987.   Up until the early 1980s the RFMF was commanded by a succession of New Zealand officers the last one being Colonel (later Brigadier) Ian Thorpe.

In the 1970s and 1980s the RFMF was a formidable force, so much so that at the time of the 1987 coup and with Prime Minister David Lange pushing for the NZ military to be send in to help restore order, the advice tendered to him was that there was a good chance they would be be defeated by an army fighting in defence of their homeland.     In later years my assessment is that their capability has been downgraded.   They have been heavily involved in UN operations which has proved to be a \valuable source of income for the Government.   However the tempo of those operations has revealed a number of deficiencies and failures.

As I said at the beginning, the decision of our Government to restore military ties with Fiji is to be welcomed.if for no other reason as a counter to the growing Chinese military involvement in the region.


It is being reported that Russell Norman is about to announce his resignation as co-leader of the Greens.

Gueez, for all his faults (and there are many) he stands head and shoulders over the Gucci sheila.

Seems like changing leaders is in vogue for the opposition parties; yesterday Cunliffe, today Norman, tomorrow Peters?

update .... confirmed.   He will however stay on as a List MP ... funny that!

Science progresses one funeral at a time

The social sciences too, apparently. If, like me, you're male and of a certain age, you'll have spent a reasonable amount of time listening to idiots tell you what to eat (or not eat).  Being a type-1 diabetic, I've been hearing it since my 20s so have a lot more experience of it than most my age, along with direct personal experience of why those involved really are complete fucking morons (if you have to manually administer your insulin yourself, your own flesh quickly reveals which dietary advice is completely fucked).  The people spinning you these food yarns like to make a pretence of being scientists, but they're actually social scientists, which is not a compliment. However, one thing the social sciences apparently have in common with actual science is the old science adage "Science progresses one funeral at a time."

Two current exemplars are Professor Rod Jackson and Professor Jim Mann, who are staunch defenders of the social science they learned back in the 70s and no doubt will be until they die and are replaced by professors of more recent vintage.

The January 24-30 Listener (paywalled, sorry: has an article called "For Better or Worse" in which the two Profs illustrate just why bad social science is so, so bad.  The premise is this: for more than 40 years, people like Jackson and Mann ("experts," apparently) have been telling us to eat a low-fat, high carb diet.  During that period, incidences of obesity and type-2 diabetes have skyrocketed.  Could Jackson, Mann et al perhaps not be giving us the best possible advice?

They don't think so.  Jackson (if you're an enthusiast for completely deranged news stories, you may recall him as the bloke who wanted butter banned as a poison):

"If you look at the major lifestyle diseases, which are cardiovascular disease, coronary disease and stroke, they're skyrocketing down.  And have been since 1967."

Knowing that progress in the social sciences is effectively a compilation of correlation=causation errors and confirmation bias, Jackson can see that this decline in heart disease is definitely down to his dietary guidelines (unlike the increases in obesity and type-2 diabetes, which are totes nothing to do with his dietary advice and instead presumably because fatties scoff too many calories).

Those of us without a lifetime's expertise in epidemiology are of course tempted to look at it another, no doubt amateurish way.  The only thing that's been conclusively demonstrated to cause heart disease is smoking - so, was there anything happened around the mid-1960s involving smoking?  Well, there's the US Surgeon-General's report of 1964 declaring smoking seriously bad for your health, and there's the fact that since then, the proportion of smokers in the NZ population has declined from somewhere around 60% to somewhere around 20%.  I guess that, being a mere schmuck without the above-mentioned professorial expertise in epidemiology, I just wouldn't have the intellectual horsepower to figure out why the decline in heart disease isn't down to the reduction in smoking but is actually due to the incredibly useful dietary advice offered by Prof Jackson, but then, that's why Prof Jackson gets paid a fat salary by University of Auckland and I'm just some schmuck.

Professor Mann peddles the same line.  I have to declare a conflict of interest here, in that I've held Prof Mann in utter contempt since, as an advisor to the sugar industry, he agreed to its claim that people get fat because they eat fat, not because they eat lots of sugar. If the prof doesn't know what insulin is and what it does, he should turn in his prof job and take up employment better suited to his abilities, like cleaning toilets or something.  And if he does know, then he's basically a charlatan.  Here's the prof in full bullshit effect:

"In New Zealand, the reduction in fat consumption from more than 40% towards 30% - and saturated fat towards 10% - since the 1970s has been associated with a reduction in coronary heart disease death rates by more than two thirds."

Because it just couldn't be the reduction in smoking, right?  Because, if it was the reduction in smoking causing the decline in death rates, that would mean... well, fuck, not only would it mean Profs Mann and Jackson are hangovers from the 1970s who really need to retire or die so that the social science can move forward, it would mean that they'd die with hundreds of thousands of morbidly obese type-2 diabetics on their conscience.  That can't possibly be the case - can it?

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Thursday, January 29, 2015


My fellow bloggers on 'No Minister' are clearly an eclectic lot.    Not sure what drives them but, for this blogger, it's the chance to post on the things that interest me .... defence matters,  issues that effect the veteran community, history, contemporary politics, aviation, rugby, golf (won't mention my net 62 of two weeks ago) and cricket.    At times I will try and be provocative in order to generate responses from both the left and right of the political spectrum.   It amuses me how vicious some of those responses can be.   It is a truism that the extreme left and the extreme right of the politics are joined at the hip when it comes to nasty invective.

Edward the Confessor and Redbaiter are examples of what I am talking about.   Both have attacked me over the years.   EtC would have you believe I am the High Tory personified who eats babies for breakfast while Red has me leading the charge to introduce socialism by stealth.   Most of my acquaintances would describe me as mild center-right although I have to admit that 30 something years ago, while attending the RNZAF Command and Staff College, I wrote a thesis in a frolic of fancy advocating a form of proportional representation for the NZ Parliament which was treated with some amusement by the Directing Staff ... from their reaction it was about twenty years ahead of its time.

And I laugh at EtC's view of me.   My paternal side of the family (including my father) were all staunch socialists.   Certainly I can remember visiting my aunt in Palmerston North with the obligatory portrait of MJS in an honoured place on the living room wall.   Dad tramped the streets for Labour in the 1950s and 1960s (probably to his cost in rural NZL).   Mum was closet National.   A family joke relayed by my sister has Dad demanding of Mum after exiting the polling booth each election 'you voted the right way didn't you' and Mum replying 'of course I did'.    But one thing I do know ....  Dad would be very uncomfortable with the Labour Party of today.

We were an average New Zealand family.   We lived in a State House per courtesy of Peter Frazer which my parents bought per courtesy of a National government.    There were certainly no 'silver spoons' for either myself or my sister but both of us have been moderately successful by dint of hard work.   And that has fashioned my political allegiance.   The role of government is to encourage success.    The dumbing down to the lowest common denominator is a recipe for failure.   Cut through the rhetoric and that's what the left side of politics is all about when push comes to shove.

Red of course would have that government should limit itself to the defence of the realm and nothing too much more.   I reject that completely.   The State has a role in the delivery of public services (but not an exclusive role).   Equally, the State has a role in providing a safety net for those in genuine need (but that doesn't extend to lifestyle dependency).    His view of society would, if implemented, lead to rioting on the streets and in that situation I for one would happily help man the barricades.    It will never come to that.   The voting public is far too sophisticated for that to happen.

One further thing.   I accept the 80/20 rule in politics.   Purists from either side of the political spectrum find that challenging.   Case in point.   I would have preferred that National voted against the anti-smacking legislation.   Labour had the numbers to pass it and John  Key, recognizing that, negotiated changes to the Bill (upholding the right to 'light' smacking) in return for his support.   In doing so he snookered himself and made it politically difficult for him to later repudiate the legislation.   Had he not given Labour his support then National might have been able to repeal the Bill, subject of course to receiving support for its coalition partners (no means certain).   As I said, I would have preferred the latter course of action but there was no way I was going to throw my toys out of the bathwater over that.  

So there it is pure and simple.   Fully expect a sneering response from the likes of EtC and/or Redbaiter but that will be water off a ducks back.    I have been hacked at by far better persons than they will ever be.    I will continue to blog for as long as I feel I have something to contribute and then, in the words of the old barrack room ditty, I will just fade way .... long time coming I suspect having not yet reached three score years and ten (although that won't prevent EtC from continuing to refer to me, and others, as 'old' ... funny that too, most decent people I know reject ageism as something to be abhorred).

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Compare And Contrast

Two speeches which tell you all you need to know about the two parties.

John Key focuses on a very specific problem, housing stock, and offers a very specific solution.

Andrew Little focuses on unemployment and offers no solution. (In fact unemployment currently is already at a record low.)  Then he burbles about some nebulous meaningless concept called 'inequality.'  What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Who the hell is advising Little?  A mole from the National Party?

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Ingratitude In Spades

Most New Zealanders accorded Eleanor Catton the recognition due for her undoubted success in the world of literature when she won the Booker Prize.

Currently on a junket to India this adorable ingrate has indulged her Green Party credentials and given a swift one to our collective groin with a rather injudicious outburst;

"she is uncomfortable being seen as an ambassador for New Zealand which she says is dominated by neo-liberal, profit-obsessed, shallow and money hungry politicians who do not care about culture."

I wonder if the little jumped up arrogant replica of a female dog has any understanding of what this country has donated to her over the years of her indulgent occupation of our oxygen supplies?

As with so many suddenly elevated by talent or luck to the main stage she suddenly feels an urge to fling muck at others who provided her with her chance of fame but she regards with an undoubted disdain as if we have collectively trod in her excrement.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

From The Jaws of Victory

I never thought he could be so stupid.

Aussie PM Tony Abbott, that is.

Yesterday he lost the next federal election by awarded the goofy greenie vegan Prince Charles a knighthood.

Amazingly, he did not consult cabinet on this appallingly damaging decision.

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Monday, January 26, 2015


New Zealand ended capital punishment for murder in 1961 and abolished it altogether in 1989.    For the record I am opposed to capital punishment but I accept the right of individual countries to make their own determination.

Indonesia retains the death penalty and in that jurisdiction (and others) the execution is carried out by shooting.   It is not my intention to discuss the rights and wrongs of that but instead to focus on the practice of having one or more members of the firing squad issued with a bank round.    Indeed, as I understand it in Indonesia, nine out of the twelve members of the firing party are issued with blanks.

For the life of me (bad choice of words) I fail completely to understand the rationale for this.   The theory is to provide a level of comfort to members of the firing squad that they might not have necessarily fired the fatal shot ... what tosh.    Anyone with any experience of firearms will know the huge difference in recoil between firing a weapon loaded with ball ammunition and one loaded with a blank.   It is nothing more than a PR sop that serves no useful purpose.    Indeed, I would argue that in the Indonesian case having only three members firing live bullets and you are increasing the likelihood of serious wounding rather than instant death.   That is to be deplored.

As I said, I am opposed to capital punishment but if it is to be carried out then forget the canard of the 'blank round' and get it over with quickly and with no room for error.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


I see that the annual pilgrimage of the disaffected and the disarranged to protest about the Government Communications & Security Bureau (GCSB) communications facility at Waihopai took place at Blenheim over the weekend led by John Minto of the Mana Party and the Greens Stefan Browning.

Clearly the ritual call of the bases closure failed to resonate with 'normal' New Zealanders with only 50 or so of their rag-tag supporters bothering to turn up against a mounting backdrop of the need for the government to monitor the activities of those whose loyalty is to to ISIS and Islamic terriorism..    

Methinks Minto is living in crimdotcon dreamland when he opines “I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to close, and it’s going to close because there is mounting public concern about surveillance.”

Note to Mr Minto ... when your protest struggles to excite the mainstream media I suspect you are really pushing shit up hill.    

No mind.   Next week it's back to work for you as a teacher at Hillary College where you can continue to pervert the minds of young New Zealanders and turn them into failures just like you.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Just why National bothers turning up at Ratana Pa year after year has me somewhat stumped.   Makes about as much sense butting in on May Day celebrations organised by the CTU.    No criticism of the religion intended but the reality is that the Ratana Church is a minority religion among Maoridom with strong links to the Labour Party.   It does not speak for Maoridom.

So yesterday New Zealand was 'treated' to a speech by Metiria Turei prepared for (but not delivered because of time constraints?) delivery at Ratana Pa as part of the annual pilgrimage by politicians or all shapes and colours to acknowledge the Church and its founder TW Ratana.

In the speech she launched a 'stinging attack' on John Key for his "warped, outrageous and deeply offensive" views on New Zealand history and characterised the PM as a prime example of "ignorant, uneducated Pakeha" ... this notwithstanding that the Green Party has as one of its stated values "to engage respectfully without personal attacks".   So much for Green Party values.

So just who is Meteria Turei, co-leader of the Greens.    Well, one thing we know is that she can be characterised as a 'political prostitute' having stood for the McGillicuddy Serious Party in thje 1993 election and the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in 1996 (this could explain at lot) before gravitating to the Greens in time to be elected as a List MP at the 2002 election.

So what have been her achievements to date?   Well, apart from the quite incongruous situation where she pontificates against social injustice while wearing $2,000 Adrienne Winklemann designer jackets (surely the ultimate Chardonnay Socialist) nothing much at all.   In 2006 her 'Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill' was drawn from the ballot but was defeated 84-34 while later that year her 'Liquor Advertising Bill' was also drawn and defeated.    In 2009 her 'Marine Animals Protection Law Reform Bill was drawn from the ballot but defeated at its first reading and later that year her Crown Minerals Amendment Bill, also drawn in the ballot, went nowhere.

In 2009 Turei was elected co-leader of the Greens defeating Sue Bradford who, by then, had been successful with three Private Member's Bills.   Not sure why, being Maori would have helped (bi-sexual and homosexual/lesbian and she would have scootered in for both positions such is the way the Greens work; but I digress).    Perhaps Bradford was seen as too radical but at least she remained true to herself as evidenced in her dalliance with the Mana Party and its association with crimdotcon.

Metiria Leanne Agnes Turei is the ugly face of the Greens.   Should they ever succeed in going into coalition with Labour it will be in spite of her rather than because of her.

p.s.    for EtC.    Don't worry about the latest Roy Morgan Poll results (even though it is seen as favouring Labour).    It was certainly a rogue result.   Labour can't have possibly dropped under the leadership of their fourth new face in as many years.   Oh yeah of 'Little' hope.  

Friday, January 23, 2015


Just before 11.00am today I was in central Hastings and noticed a mongrel mob member sitting in his car in the first car park on the left from the railway crossing (town clock) in Heretaunga Street East. The meter was expired. At the same time as I saw him a Parking Warden came into view and walked past this car completely ignoring it and the expired meter - obviusly he preferred easier targets.

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RMA, tinkering probably, fixed Nah

Under pressure from the seemingly inexorable creep in house prices, particularly in the country's biggest metropolis, The National Government has, via its "Bluegreen" Token, promulgated a revamp of an Act that has as many detrimental facets as beneficial ones.

In my always humble opinion there is a massive problem that continually arises in the well intentioned bit of the socialist created manipulative roadblock to much of the entrepreneurial spirit that has largely built this nation.

Endless and expensive legal wrangling that often turns on capricious and mindless interference with minimal involvement of environmental or socially damaging effects on those with skin in the immediate game.
All too often this bit of legislation is used for commercial, political, or personal advantage and I have never any seen such arrant nonsense challenged by those charged with the administration of the Act apart from a few totally ignored submissions of the advocates for the helpless trying to progress their lives on land they consider they have pretty exclusive historical rights to.

A supermarket already in place uses the Act to prevent a competitor establishing in the vicinity as happened in the North Shore in a drawn out legal process
A land owner wishing to build a new dwelling on his farm ending up thwarted by people living many miles away and in all probability never going anywhere even close to the isolated place intended to be built on.

The media parade a seemingly endless list of hearings that all too often are instigated and delivered pro bono by politically motivated dogma driven acolytes in pursuit of a manifesto as much about political advancement as any concern with the lofty ideals that accompanied the introduction of Palmer's auxiliary handbrake.

As the Act has become embedded, its large pile of bureaucratic palaver created by Councillors and bureaucrats with minimal or zero grasp of how the real world works within the commercial constraints and apparently have no concerns for the additional costs that are inevitably incurred as it is never "Their" money being used to fund the process. It comes from that arms length endless source,  the poor ratepayers and property owners also paying through their rates to confront them.

In all probability, all hapless Nick Smith will achieve, will turn out to be just further opportunity for the legal vultures sitting on the nearby fence, erected without the intervention of the RMA,  awaiting the next opportunity to make hay whether the sun shines or doesn't.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nice that the other mob don't do dirty politics

That shirt is going to take some cleaning

from the Daily Blog

Another Incompetent Herald Waste of Space

Serial bullshitter Gareth Morgan claims Pakeha 'nearly exterminated' Maori.'  Apparently he was visiting the Ratana church when he proclaimed this latest revisionist myth.

His knowledge of history is akin to his performance as an investment manager.  Nonexistant.

Mr Morgan, before the treaty was signed, Maori themselves killed off 30,000 of their own population by way of using muskets against taieha and patu.   This represented 30% of a population at the time of 100,000.

That's why some Maori chiefs were so keen to sign the treaty.  They wanted the Pakeha to protect them from those murderous bastards up North.  Harawira's lot.

Does It Matter ?

The rich are getting richer, so what.

The poor are getting richer as well, good.

The only poverty, is of spirit, aspiration and success, certainly.

After the first gazillion what does it matter how much more the 1% have than the mean , zero, a great big fat one.

Will the uber rich be captured by envy taxes, nope.

Who then, will be dispossessed by envy taxes, simply all those making their way down struggle street and getting fleeced by the "crats" at every  turn;
GST, Rates (including more GST), rubbish charges, water charges, Vehicle regos, ACC levies, Income tax, Parking Fees and fines, Road Tolls, Consent fees, fishing licences, Fuel  taxes, Road User charges, airport departure taxes, etc.

And it has been that way since, forever.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gee Whiz That Is A Relief!!!

Its alright the poor wee baby cooked to death in a car outside Wanganui Hospital was a victim of a syndrome.

Quite how a parent "forgets" about their child is way beyond my understanding.

Had it happened in the Casino car park while the step father was playing the pokies, would he have been accorded similar understanding by those nice theory driven academic types for "FORGETTING"  the helpless little mite.

A Quote Of The Day

Thomas Bauer born in Hungary and a doubting ' Thomas' on the value of Foreign Aid as a means of improving the lot of impoverished millions. He moved to Great Britain and ended up professor of economics at the LSE. He must have been a voice in the wilderness there.

"Foreign aid is where the poor people in rich countries give money to rich people in poor countries"

Bauer proposed that development was a centuries traversing growth that was severely challenged when well intentioned politicians handed cash to leaders of tin pot little fiefdoms with no history of fairness and democracy, whose first aim was self enrichment and then used the financial donations as a  means for those now wealthy leaders to preserve their power and domination of the poor who ended up worse off for the experience.

Death of The Media

Australia's ABC has long been a nest of socialist vipers, with all it's prime time political and current affairs programmes hosted by lefties.  Last year tax payers gave it $1.2bil and in return the ABC  mounted the most egregious campaign to damage Australia's relationship with Indonesia in an attempt to thwart the Abbot gummint's efforts to turn back the boatloads of illegal immigrants flooding in from that country.

Today, Adolf sees the ABC has got its comeuppance.

The viewers are deserting it in droves.

Welcome to the club ABC.  APN, Fairfax, NYT can all tell you what happens when you alienate half of your potential customers.

"The main commercial networks managed to hold on to their audiences despite introducing programming cost cuts greater than the efficiency cuts of the government. The government has not demanded programming cuts at the ABC."

Hesson has made a difference.

When Mike Hesson was appointed as the coach of the New Zealand cricket team in July 2012 and almost all cricket fans and many players said Mike Who.

Well at present this 40 something who was faced with possible peak times as a player in the Otago B team turned to coaching at a young age, is forging a 'one of the best' reputations as a coach.
A living example that All Blacks do not always make successful coaches he is at the top of his game  30 months on.

One of his first headlines was created when he removed icon Ross Taylor from the short form teams captaincy offering him the face saving job to continue to lead the Test team.
Never easy to dump one as 'big' as Rosco and a hurt Taylor decided to take a break from the game and reassess his options.
Hesson wanted a man he knew well Brendon McCallum, who with a record somewhat up and down  to lead the Pyjama teams.

Yesterday another demonstration that the man almost nobody knew, delivered again with a victory over current World Cup Champions, Sri Lanka.

At 180 for three SL were on track for a score in excess of three hundred but instead of the past concession meme the NZ bowlers took it to all out in the 50th over at 276, still runs on the board.
When the NZ innings was teetering at 68 for three in 16 overs how many said here we go again.
Mike Hesson has this well set bunch in a good space and they kept fighting and with three overs to go it was still SL's game to lose and that was what happened.
Luke Ronchi wicket keeper batsman at seven grabbed the game in the 47 over with;
leaving veteran Vettori to score the one run with a carving drive for four from the first ball of the 48th.

The world cup will be different with games sudden death and vagaries of  weather, toss, injuries and sheer bad luck but suggestions that the NZ team can do well are no longer fanciful and Mike Hesson's team that includes Ross Taylor but no 'i',  are a chance.
Who would have thought that three years ago.

Nothing New But Despicable Always

Detective Sergeant Ross Tarawhiti describes it "as a troubling trend".

It is just one opportunity the scum use.

I drew the short straw in 1962 and stood guard over a rural house while a mate married the daughter at a local church before returning to the farm homestead for the reception.

What Tarawhiti was alluding to is an outbreak of lowlifes burgling homes while the grieving family are attending the last farewell of a loved one in Christchurch.

His suggestion is to omit addresses from death notices, gee serge that will work a treat, they might be low life scum but it is entirely possible one of them has the ability to use the freakin phone book or electoral rolls to do the match.
Perhaps a plod sitting in a car at the gate might be a better option for the couple of hours involved working the laptop and smart phone on the admin tasks we hear so much about.

Of course that has the risk of the burgs suggesting they take the tv and computor while the plainclothes checks out the bedroom for the jewels and cash.

Cripes Ross how many funerals are there on any given day before you strike paydirt, but then it will only be a minor hiccup to the scurrilous opportunist anti social victimisation of the grieving.
The dead one is finished with whatever is removed eh.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

These Crazed Morons Really Are Depraved.

I am not anti any religion, I seriously question a lot of the dogma though.
There is a salutary long list of killing, maiming, subjugation and outright slaughter in the name of religion over the centuries

Currently while almost all other religions have accepted learning and cultural growth shows a better way than killing to get the message of hope and salvation out there for the betterment of all, Islam stands condemned. It is locked in stoneage beliefs.

 Islam, it has changed little since a power hungry mad bastard living in the desert found the way to consolidate his power and dominion by employing extreme violence and 1400 years on it is little changed.
Oh it has exchanged camels for four wheel drive utes, Elephants for Tanks left by an  successive inept USA presidents, scimitars for Kalashnikov automatic rifles but culturally and intellectually the followers of The Prophet Muhammad and successive mad Mullahs using totalitarian systems have languished in the depths of depravity begun in the desert all those centuries ago.

In the centuries before the advent of Islam, Persia and the fertile lands of the Euphrates river valley were a cradle of civilisation and in the 1400 years after the bloody uniting of disparate Arab  tribes by the original mad mullah, stagnation, slaughter, mutilation and maiming is the only game in town.

Christendom has a history of supreme mayhem with dissenters and those considered to have deviated from the teachings of the church suffering horrific death and mutilation  using fire, water, and various bits of equipment but thankfully education overcame the dogma and today the biggy punishments are admonishment and or excommunication.

Not so lucky for those who have come under the power of ISIS in Syria and Iraq and those living under the Saudi sponsors of their murderous regime
There are sickening images on the internet of various punishments on charges that would in a modern Christian or secular state be regarded as not even worthy of any punishment.
Two young men accused of homosexual activity were pushed of the highest building in Mosul to die on the pavement four stories down.
Two other young men facing unknown charges paraded through a town lashed to two adjoining steel crosses are then removed from the truck and shot in the head from behind.
A third series of photos in the montage I viewed has a niquab clad woman stoned to death  no charges published.

Then I read of the appalling and very sad slaughter of 13 young men and that prompted this further post on what we will in all likely hood never be told us by our lamestream media.
Their crime in the perverted view of the power crazed leadership of ISIL, watching a tv showing the Asia cup football  game between Iraq and Jordan.
For such a serious crime they were herded before a firing squad and died in a hail of automatic fire.

This is all done in the name of Islam the so called religion of peace that almost all western leaders and almost all media outlets refuse to name as responsible for the ongoing atrocities.

No apologies for posting and no links, they are beyond my sense of decency but it must be told because until the millions of followers of Islam can break the power of the mad mullahs who use idealistic and depraved simpletons to promote their orgy of slaughter in the name of a prophet who still is regarded by the faithful as the only way, the desert cult will continue its murderous way.

The revolution will come but it will be tenuous for some time yet.
One early step is given exposure by The Whale who posts on an Egyption Obstetrician/Gynecologist who converted to Christianity a decade ago and now is leading the way with questions as to what will it take before the world accepts that Islam must change.
However Mark Christian's life will be in serious danger as the mad bastards know they have to kill, threaten and do whatever it takes to prevent such radical thought taking hold among the undoubted peace believing millions whose silent acceptance of the extreme murderous intent of the leadership and their few radicalised  cohorts who have traded their brains for the nefarious promise of 72 virgins, clearly basic maths is not high up in their CVs, leaves the sect condemned in the eyes of a majority of thinking people.
For now.