Monday, February 8, 2016


A retarded enabler's attempt to excuse it just made it so much worse.

A public pool in Vienna, a twenty something immigrant was apparently in need of sexual gratification after weeks of abstinence.

He followed a ten year old boy into the changing area and buggered the poor little fellow, whose screams went unheard, to the point the victim needed hospitalisation for his injuries.

The "immigrant" admitted his offence and claimed it was due to enforced abstinence. Gee that would be a first surely
I guess no camels and very limited goats  made the brutal buggering alright for one who has lived in a religious culture where such relief is apparently  so often a struggle to be satisfied.

What is Islam's direction in the one and a half millennia old and still relevant scriptures, on Mrs Palmer and her five daughters, or is that now "feeding the chickens" ?

As if such an abomination to civilised people is not bad enough, an apologist tried to reduce the offending with a reference to a now apparent withdrawal of a "rape" complaint in neighbouring Germany from a girl against "immigrants.
For all that it really matters nowt, if there was any doubt to the authenticity of this brutal, humiliating and potentially permanent damage to the ten year old boy then such garbage is demolished, if not by the hospital bit, at the very least the quoted admission of guilt even if mistakenly made in the very different legal environment of Austria over Iraq
I am guessing  growing up in a society where a rape victim is likely to be stoned to her death for
"adultery" any vain hope of assimilation faces some massive barriers.
That said it is an ongoing mystery to me how almost without exception the luvvies seem to be able to ignore the male Muslim attitude to women and sexual assault as a problem to be addressed here in civilised New Zealand.
When the Malaysian military underling went ape over Tania Billingsley it was all about "the gummint" allowing the perp to escape under misapplied "diplomatic process", his Islamist attitude to women and his daft attitude to his sexual "needs" never came to the screaming eagles radar screen.
By the time of his sentencing what may have been an extremely scary episode for Ms B had morphed into soap opera.


'I, hand on heart, believe in free trade.  My Party believes in free trade'.

Who said that?

  1.    Donald Trump
  2.    Kim Jong-un
  3.    Jacinda Ardern
You gotta larf.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Government's antithetic tax bill

Unless you live in a cave or under a rock, you will have noticed that Auckland has a housing crisis.  I don't think the word "crisis" is hyperbole.  Net migration flows are the strongest they have been in 20 years; and land restrictions are worse than they usually are.  The only bright side (pun intended - see below) to the market is interest rates are likely to stay very, very low for a while, and unemployment numbers are strong.  This means people in jobs being able to afford ridiculous Auckland house prices, or its even more obscene rents.

When these factors clash, you would expect a government that favours the market approach to solving economic and social issue to put that approach into practice.  The last thing we need in Auckland right now is more cost and regulation added to the mix.  The Auckland housing market isn't working, as Bill English noted.  I doubt the government has any real concern about resolving it, because if it did, it wouldn't have made Nick Smith the responsible Minister.

Instead of using market techniques and less regulation to try and solve the crisis, the Government has taken the opposite approach: It introduced silly rules as a political response. 

The bright-line test (a Capital Gains Tax that National said it wouldn't introduce), which was the second of those silly rules, is now being implemented through the Taxation (Residential Land Withholding Tax) Bill. This creates another withholding tax payable at point of land sales within two years.  Again, this Bill is merely a political response to the shrills of Winston Peters and Phil Twyford.  It won't have any affect on rising house prices, and it will actually have the opposite effect to its intent.

To explain how, I need to summarise the Bill.

The Bill creates a new withholding tax (Resident Land Withholding Tax or RLWT) which requires lawyers to calculate the correct amount of capital gains withholding tax payable by an offshore land developer at point of sale.  As a capital gains tax, it is ring-fenced against losses and other expenses.  In other words, unlike tax paid on profit which has allowable deductions, the capital gains RLWT doesn't allow these. 

Developers I have dealings with pay their tax in New Zealand.  But they do it in their annual income tax return, which have allowable deductions.  And this return is done many months after the income has accrued - by 1 April the following year as we all know.  The capital gains RLWT will overturn this and require at least 28% to be deducted by lawyers at point of sale.  There are many other complicated parts of it which will require lawyers involved in land developments to become accountants; and there are civil penalties proposed for wrongdoing.  Developers will be able to recover overpaid RLWT at year end in their annual return, but of course this just adds another layer of tax complication which is puzzling for a government of this persuasion, and very puzzling considering the McLeod Report recommended fewer taxes, and less complexity. 

The RLWT will have two initial effects: First, it will severely affect a developer's cashflow (because they are liable for the tax at point of sale); and second, it will add cost to all transactions from developments. 

The other main effect it will have is also counter-intuitive to what the Government says it wants, and certainly contrary to what the Productivity Commission (scarily) recommended: It will encourage land-banking.  It will do this because developers will not want their cashflow to be affected, and their costs to rise, by entering into sales within two years of the land being purchased.  So they will hold off on their developments.   

Of course the normal process for developers is to show their bank at least 80% of the development sold before bank lending is confirmed.  So developers enter into sales quickly based on draft plans; and usually certainly within two years of buying the land.  The Bill applies to subdivisions and, as mentioned, includes offshore developers.  Indeed, one major company affected by this will be Fletcher Residential, a wholly-owned company of Fletcher Building.  

If you don't believe me about the increased costs, then perhaps you should consider what Inland Revenue had to say:
This option creates an economic distortion as it creates a “lock-in” effect. In other words, it creates an incentive for people to hold property for longer than two years to avoid the bright-line test.  
For example, a person may avoid selling a property at the highest price, within two years to avoid the bright-line test. The person who is offering the highest price can presumably put the property to its most valuable use. This means that people may not undergo otherwise efficient transactions and put property to its most valuable use due to the bright-line test.
The other daft and disappointing aspect of this shambles was the way the government handled it.  Submissions went out for public input just before Christmas and closed on 26 January.  This Christmas timeframe gave no ability for anyone to oppose it, or write a decent submission pointing out the deficiencies.  The Minister simply described the Bill as "fair", bit he didn't say to whom it was fair.
The RLWT proposal in the bill, together with the new bright-line test and changes to collect better tax information about buyers and sellers of residential property will help to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of tax on gains from property sales,” says Mr McClay.

Bill English isn't stupid.  He sated the obvious - that the market isn't functioning properly.  The way to correct it is to address the supply issues resulting from the demand.  You cannot do it by adding taxes, cost, complexity and rewarding landbanking.  All of these will make the situation worse and to me are the antithesis of what this government should be doing.


I write this with some sadness.   There are good folk in Ngapuhi but the reality is that inter-tribal differences have made them almost ungovernable.   And so it is with the TiTi Marae; be it the refusal to grant Prime Minister Clark speaking rights or the threat of violence against Prime Minister Key to stop him coming onto the Marae, orchestrated by one of the Marae trustees; the Marae leadership has lost the plot in spades.

And talk about mixed messages.   An imperious letter sent by the trustees to the Prime Minister's office laying down various conditions at variance with what had, up until now, been the norm.   No matter that speakers 'welcoming' him were going to harangue him on all matter of issues with the TPPA featuring prominently, Key could not respond.  Instead he was expected to hold his tongue and instead argue his case in 'Hone's tent' (doesn't that designation just about sum it all up) later in the day.

And was that same letter sent to Labour, the Greens and NZ First?   Not on your Nelly and, to add insult to injury, they were allowed to talk politics at their welcoming even although that too was chaotic with Andrew Little forced to wait an hour at the Marae gate in the teaming rain while the welcome to the Greens was played out. Clearly the notion that all Parties would be welcomed on the Marae together went out the window too.

Back to the matter of violence.  It hung heavy in the air and, no matter that Hone said that he would protect John Key, he would not be the only one in the firing line.   The rhetoric by the unwashed had been ratcheted up to the point where mob action, once started, would have quickly escalated into riot.   And, if it had, the PM would have been blamed for starting it.   The situation was out of control and Ngapuhi must accept collective responsibility for their omni-shambles.

TiTi Marae has no special status.   The focus is and must remain on the Treaty House Grounds and the Upper Marae which is home to all the tribes.

Ngapuhi have, by their actions over the years, edited themselves out of being afforded any special status on Waitangi Day.    Perhaps David Seymour has a point in arguing that each year a different tribe be designated as the host tribe for the Waitangi commemorations.

But I'll leave the final word to John Roughan (hardly a shill for the GRWC) when he said in an opinion piece a couple of days ago "What a pity Waitangi is not in the care of a better tribe, and what a pity the only face of Maori politics the public continues to see on the streets of Auckland damning an economic agreementin which 12 Pacific nations uniquely recognise New Zealand's governing Treaty."

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Svetlana Alliluyeva (Stalin) was a troubled soul forever trying (unsuccessfully) to shake off the shadow of her father and never coming to terms with her mother's (Nayda) suicide in 1932.

Just before she died in November 2011 she typed this letter to her daughter Olga. She spoke as if she were were writing it after her death.    It is both beautiful and poignant (with a touch of humor at the end) .....

      I am always with you, in loving way.  Remember that.   We who are now
      without bodily traits, only spirits, we love you on Earth nevertheless.
     Therefore, do not cry about us. Never, never cry about us.  Because your
     cries only disturb us here.  We cannot do anything about it.  But we, the
     spirits now, always love you.  We can feel it sometimes ... You can feel it
     sometimes ... a warm wind or breath touching your skin.  That is us. That 
     are us.  I know that, since I am now, too. only a spirit, only a soul ... only?
     Oh, we can do a lot from here.  We can protect you from disaster, we can 
     embrace you, there ... like a warm cocoon.  We can heal all your self-
     inflicted troubles, because from here, high above Earth, we can see very
     well.   And we can always help you out.   But never, never cry about us,
     rather, think about us always with a smile.   We love you forever and 
     ever.   I say WE ... because we are many here, loving souls.  Even my
     own so-perplexed mother; she finally got rid of those confusing earthly
     worries, and here she is a beautiful soul like she had been, indeed.   We
     all love you.  Do not cry about us.   We love you.  Your Mum.  Sorry for
     bad typing, alas I did not improve even here!

I would have enjoyed meeting her.

Disappearing comments

This morning I discovered Blogger's been directing more comments than usual to the spam folder over the last two months.  I've made them live now, but that's not much use for things that were posted weeks ago.

Apologies to those whose comments never appeared.  If we delete a comment it will say "Removed by a blog administrator" - so if your comment just never shows up, feel free to email me at the address in my profile and I'll check the spam folder.


The UN, an ever more irrelevant outfit that last year outdid its self with an unbelievable new lowpoint when it appointed Saudi to chair a "human rights committee" has through another equally inane bunch of morons come to a ruling that Julian Assange has been detained in an abrogation of his rights for three years.

Now even with an acceptance  that such wordsmiths might exagerate, that is beyond the pale.
Jules the albino aussie hacker who was at the centre of 'Wikileaks' undertook some R&R in Scandinavia and two females alleged that he might have gone beyond what they thought to be the program.

Threatened with possible extradition in The UK, 'Blonde' Jules decided to seek sanctuary in the Equador Embassy and with a Bobby stationed outside, there he remained.
Detained my arse, he could have come out any time, however  he  just might have come on to the Radar of US Justice folks who possibly had an even stronger intrest in him for publishing among  other stuf the incredible pile of purlioned documents  that saw then Brad, now Chelsea Manning sent  to the US Federal Penitentiary for 35 years.

That people is why Blonde Jules has been hiding in that Embassy for three years althoughthe morons from the UN wish it otherwise in history.

As I said, 'detained' my arse.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Labour would have it that those New Zealanders deported from Australia under S501 of the Migration Act having failed the 'character' test were innocents abroad being dealt to by a cruel and uncaring Aust government aided and abetted by a heartless NZL government.

The reality is somewhat different.   Just 73 days after the first deportees arrived back in the country and in the briefing papers released to the incoming Minister of Police (Judith Collins) it is revealed that already one-third of them have gone on to commit a range of crimes here ... some serious.   The Police are expecting that figure to rise to 55%.

Kelvin Davis was of course the poster-boy for the deportees.   It will be blood sports taken to a cruel and unusual level watching Collins eviscerate him in the House over his support for some quite nasty people.  

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Thursday, February 4, 2016


to the Ti Ti Marae at Waitangi.    The lunatics have taken control of the asylum.   The debate in Maoridom over the TPPA has become irrational egged on by the lies pedaled by opponents of the agreement.  

I doubt whether anyone at Ti Ti has bothered to do the hard yards and read the agreement.   If they had then the sort of canard being pedaled around the unwashed that the agreement could see Maori prisoners sent off-shore to serve their time in US and Aust prisons would be seen for what it is ... loony tunes stuff.

What has happened on the Marae is mirrored in the discord among Ngapuhi as to who has the mandate to negotiate their treaty claim(s) and you can see why. Their leadership has been highjacked by the likes of Kingi Tauroa, Sonny Tau, Hone Harawira, Margaret Mutu and the Popata brothers.   And so it is with the TPPA debate ... rationality has gone out the window.    In their world there is no place for informed and peaceful discussion.   It's time for action and if action means forceful action then sobeit.   Ngapuhi have never been shrinking violets when it comes to violence.

More moderate leaders like Rude Taylor and Rahiri Dargaville have been sidelined.   Their mana counts for very little.   The radical element is in charge and, with tensions high and escalating, there is the potential for real violence and people could get hurt.

The PM does not need to put himself or his people at risk.   He is not dealing with rational people.   Better he leaves Ti Ti to the lunatics.    They are what they are and KDS rules supreme.  Nothing he can say or do will cause them to change their minds.

Updated 5.17 ... reports have it that the PM will not be attending Ti Ti.   Sensible decision in light of the conflicting statements from the Marae 'leadership' concerning the basis of the invitation.   Enough is enough.   Ti Ti has, by its own actions, edited itself out of the formal Waitangi Day celebrations.   Government (any Government) should think long and hard before agreeing to return.   The Treaty House grounds should be the focus for any commemoration.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SWMBO said the very same two minutes before AB did.

Australia at six down for 41 runs and u no hu says is that the same pitch?

 Two minutes later past great Aussie skipper Alan Border  says "you changed the pitch at Lunchtime".

Same lady firmly told Saffa Rugby ref to have a look at the big screen one night at Lancaster Park after he made a blunder while running a touch in front of the old number three stand.
As she spoke in a loud voice there was one of those times when everything just goes quiet and her lone voice carried. Andre Watson held his poise for around five seconds before he slowly turned to see who said that, hahaha.

For The Statistically Minded

Adolf works as a part time volunteer at the local community centre. An hour each week, doing a bit of financial data entry and analysis and, four times each year, a leaflet drop involving 1,200 leaflets stuffed into letter boxes.

I've just finished one such drop.  1,200 leaflets takes 480 minutes and covers 45 km.  Weight loss each time averages 1.5 kg.

Adolf has a long history of such activity.

During the 1972 Australian federal election Adolf jogged off 14 kg stuffing letter boxes and when living in Auckland, during Rodney Hide's leadership, Adolf dropped thousand of leaflets for the ACT party.  ACT always got my candidate vote but, being a loyal National party member, my party vote always went to the Gnats.

I always ignored 'no junk mail' signs and one day, on Sunset Rd, as I pushed the offending propaganda into the letter box, there was a shout - 'Can't you fuckin read?"

Quick as a flash the response - 'No mate, I failed NCEA.'

He was lurking on an upstairs balcony and I ran like hell.


As we in this sometimes embarrassing little nation embark on another chaotic marking of the anniversary of a plenipotentiary from the mother land signing a bit of parchment to establish the British Crowns rule over a somewhat dishevelled bunch of colonial settlements and warring tribes of natives, comparisons are made every year contrasting Australia Day with our efforts.
Efforts that are every year portrayed to the world as another day of anarchy and riot when a very few part breed Maori seek to become celebrities for a day.

Of course in 1840 the Treaty then hit the road and for the South Island Maori, by then an ascendant Ngai Tahu, it was much later and I think it was well into the spring of 1840 that the last marks were made on one of by then many copies of the original.
So the first fifty on February the 6th were just the beginning of the final over 500 natives to sign one of the several copies.

Here in Akaroa the local natives who were a part of the initial drive to bring the British protections to bear after the serious depredations delivered by Te Rauparaha some ten years earlier when he sacked Kaiapoi then took out some remnants by successfully smashing then on the Onawe Peninsula, signed in the late Autumn of 1840.
The local Marae, known hereabouts as  The Kaik, just south of Akaroa was where H1 chose to go in 2000 after "Tits" mob reduced her to tears the previous year.

So why February the 6th when there are a myriad of signing dates that Mr Key could mark the Treaty without providing the Hadfields and their outlaw extended family another day in history.
The absolute rudeness and lack of respect, law abiding New Zealander are left rueing annually had a Groser sent opportunity this year to tell the anti social bunch of moronic savages locked in their stoneage beliefs to involve themselves in sex and travel, The Prime Minister has far better things to do.
As if the annual shenanigans at the home town of a Prophet a few days earlier are not bad enough.

It is difficult to keep up with the various positions presented so far as the conflicting tales emerge but last I heard Mr Key was going to do it all again and Nga Puhi will enjoy another few hours as the international image of our so called civilised nation.

If February the sixth is going to be our National Day then we must find a happier and more celebratory series of ways to mark it as a fit with the aspirational nation Mr Key says we must become, and that must also consign the rabble of Nga Puhi to the place in our nations fabric their annual buffoonery  deserves.

Ve Haf Vays Of Making You...........

Back in the days of Helengrad, Adolf used to wake early and listen to the 0500 and 0600 RNZ news.

After a few weeks I noticed some items which had led the early bulletins failed to rate a mention after 0700.  This led me to conclude the PM's staff had a roster to listen to the early news and phone RNZ with instructions on any item which might offend the Wellington politburo.

I wrote of this conclusion on No Minister at the time and was shouted down by the usual culprits.

Well, now it appears I likely was right on the money.

Here is the leftist gummint of Germany today.

Former head of ZDF Bonn Dr. Wolfgang Herles:-

“We have the problem that – now I’m mainly talking about the public [state] media – we have a closeness to the government. Not only because commentary is mainly in line with the grand coalition (CSU, CDU, and SPD), with the spectrum of opinion, but also because we are completely taken in by the agenda laid down by the political class”.
Worse than the mainstream, government controlled and poll-tax funded media in Germany just agreeing with the ruling coalition, the stations actually took orders on what was and was not to be reported on. He said:
“…the topics about which are reported are laid down by the government.
“There are many topics that would be more important than what the government wants. But they, of course, want to deflect attention away from what doesn’t happen. Yet what doesn’t happen is often more important than what does happen – more important than gesture politics”.


According to Labour (aided and abetted by Winston First and the Greens) manufacturing is in crisis.  

According to the Government Statistician manufacturing, in the September 15 quarter rose, 3.5% by volume and 4.2% by value (PR of 8 Dec 15).

According to Mr Little in his 'State of the Nation' speech unemployment was destined to increase.  

According to figures released today unemployment dropped sharply in the last quarter to just 5.3% being the lowest in seven years.    In addition 21,000 new jobs were created while wages rose 0.4% bringing the total increase for the year to 1.6%.   This with the CPI running at 0.1% for 2015.

Memo for the little man ... can we please have some more crises ... please.

Poor Little Lambs

Lincoln Uni ain't what it used to be.   Back in my day we all would have laughed and said 'good on him.'

Apparently the delicate petals of academe are angry because a contender for the Vice Chancellorship tricked them into telling him the truth.  Well boo hoo hoo.

That's what happens when you change the culture from farming to humanities.

As usual, the oleaginous Herald gets the headline wrong.  The guy is not their boss.  He's merely a contender for the job and is yet to accept the appointment.  Given his hard nosed and innovative style, I hope he does so.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruel Juxtaposition

From The Australian, no less.

Trumped, Thumped and Gazzumped

To those who feared Trump might win the GOP nomination, the IOWA caucuses will bring some relief.

Cruz defeated Trump by a good margin and Rbio got up from behind to come close to tipping Trump into third place.

The counting still proceeds but it looks as though Clinton will go down to Sanders.

Who would have thunk it, eh?

Still a long way to go.


Hikoi ... verb, origin Maori word meaning 'to walk'.

Reported in the local news last week that Maori were gearing up for a new Hikoi to start at the Cape and ending up at Waitangi to protest the TPPA, mining, sovereignty issues and .... and .... and ....

And so it was that a a couple of hours ago and driving back from a meeting up in the Far North I came upon the 'Hikoi' taking a well earned break for refreshments outside the Okaihau Liquor Store.   But this was no ordinary Hikoi ... seven cars, two displaying the Hone's sovereignty flag, escorted by plod in a police ute (hope he checked the vehicles for regos and wofs because some of them looked quite 'dodgy').

So, no walking for this lot.   Doing the hard yards in comfort.    One thing I do know ... if Dame Whina were still around she would be boxing their ears for trampling on the mana of the Hikoi.

Lazy Buggers .... fits.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Chalk and Cheese

It seems in Australia  the faux Liberals in government are spewing because the straight shooter former PM pledged Australia's support for the BB should she apply for the top UN job, rather than the earwax eating nose picker who thinks he might have a chance.

(You can see I've been taking lesson from Gravedodger.)

The fact of the matter is, Rudd was a hopeless failure on all counts as a prime minister while Clark was brilliantly successful.  Rudd was a loose cannon who was despised by most of his cabinet and staff.  He was not respected.  What ever you may think of Helen Clark, she has considerable ability and experience running large organizations and in my view she would be a thousand times better candidate than the despicable Rudd.

It will we interesting to see how the weak and vacillating Malcolm Turnbull handles this one.

The Truth Would Have Been Embarrassing.

Cameron Slater has a very full post on the Albert Park Picnic that doubled as the venue for Little Andy's State Of The Nation Address, with the printed prepared speech and a video of it's delivery.
 I am sorry having waded through the swill of the notes I only lasted a very short time watching the video.

Yes I am biased and very cynical at what was just yet another bribe to be paid in full with OPMs but in spite of the media party's very best efforts, it was very difficult to get any sort of a handle on the magnitude of the assembled crowd.
From the bits I watched there appeared to be every member of caucus with one glaring absentee who incidentally did not reach the notes or the very amateurish introduction, David James Shearer MBE  former NZLP leader who is as we speak being air brushed from all group images of those who pretend that the current leader is "El Chapo".

One very strong bit of evidence as to the actual size of the gathering for the 'sermon on the base of the Mount', ironically sharing the name of good ole boy Davy's seat that he inherited from another "non person" who led the NZLP to 9 years in power and committed the mortal ( for all but Phil "sport" Goff) sin of voicing support for the TPP, could be garnered by using the applause  generated.
My service club has meetings where we listen to a guest speaker and using that assembly of around 25 members as a guide and accepting that some guest speakers generate considerable applause, also the out door setting, it becomes very difficult to give that ripple as anything greater than three dozen at best. SWMBO who was making a Bacon and egg pie while I made a further attempt to listen to more of the video was even less generous and suggested 20 at best.
Add in that some would have been there for another reason entirely, it was Auckland Anniversary after all, and the almost perfunctory applause from a bunch of MPs including all but Shearer from Akl plus Hipkins, King and assorted other tribal members, the word Pathetic is forefront to my assessment.

Recently had a "drone" used to photograph our property for sale promotion and deducting the 150 Kms travel, the second operator who carried a movie camera through the house and the stills the actual cost of a very  full coverage of the 16 acres was peanuts and with a resolution would have enabled a fairly accurate head count.

Then again as the header states that would have been very embarrassing.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


The (Clive) Palmer United Party burst upon the political scene in Australia last election winning one seat in the House (Palmer) and three seats in the Senate (Lazarus, Lambie and Dio Wang) where they exerted a certain political force.   Palmer marketed himself a bit like Donald Trump ... a maverick with money to burn.

Since then the PUP has imploded, much like its predecessor, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.    Lazarus ( rugby league great) and Lambie (all I want for Xmas is a man with heaps of cash, a [big] package between his legs and I don't need him to speak) have quit the Party to sit as independents.   That leaves the PUP as a gang of two; Palmer in the House and Wang in the Senate.

Palmer himself is in a heap of trouble with his Queensland Nickel refinery in Townsville going tits up and laying off 237 workers.    Despite all this the company managed to donate $5.9m to the PUP last financial year.

Clearly though Palmer retains a certain sense of humor with the news that he has designated Wang as the PUP Whip in the Senate.   Just why he feels the need for Wang to indulge in self-flagellation quite beats me and perhaps Wang too.


Any person with a passing awareness of the real world instinctively knows that free is not free it is only that someone else funded it.
Any give away will be taken up with alacrity by many more who do not need it than those who do have a need and would otherwise miss out.
Many recipients of a free product have absolutely no idea of its real value, they don't need to know do they.

Little Angry Andy Little, the current, albeit getting more temporary with each day that passes leader of the largest opposition party, has today announced three free years of study for anyone who wants it.
No addressing a perceived need or skill shortage, every New Zealand citizen will at any time after leaving high school until they die will have an entitlement to study any subject for three years without fees.

I am into my eighth decade so I wonder what I could squander scarce resources on by way of a meaningless three years at a place of higher learning.

Recently invested in hearing aids at considerable cost totally unsubsidised by the local health board or ACC and during consultations with a delightful young lady we discussed how many of my peers have been given such technological assistance at zero cost, and the expensive equipment languishes in a drawer along with the endless supply of free batteries.
Aforementioned consultant said there had been a major revamp under the current government with part charges that had significantly reduced the mindless waste and that was a good thing.

Such restraint removed by  ending any part charge announced today will see young people in their thousands hunting for jobs with a social, political, bone carving, nannying,  arts or other useless qualification on their bedroom wall wondering why they are not being swamped with job offers bringing untold riches.

Hello youth of 2017 as you consider rewarding such idiocy as a vote for the muppets who cannot even agree whether the TPP is going to reward those who will be forced to pay for your freeby, just ask your Dad, Mum or Uncle who are being squeezed to finance such lunacy if they think your free bit of parchment is an answer.
Chances are they will feel they are being smashed by such  lunacy, your meaningless and free qualification has many already with such useless bits of paper flipping burgers and filling shopping bags at New World.

This latest bribery will do absolutely nothing to relieve the considerable skill shortages in the vital areas of the economy and any way a prospective student can already access such freebies at Tim's Southland Polytech.

Never mind it is only another billion as the Irish dropkick said to state TV autocue readers.


Easy, try watching the Wellington 7s and the Black Caps vs Pakis ODI at the same time.

Enjoyed Japan rolling France this morning.  Not enjoying our bowlers being dealt to by 'them'.  


Operating as I am  certain they do, under the Tenets and proven theories  published by Charles Darwin, how long before the accumulated educational achievements of the current Labour MPs bristling with PhDs and other documented efforts of higher learning bring the blindingly obvious to bear, that McCartin, Andrew Little and the Trade Union puppet masters have it so wrong.

A decade of KDS, perpetrated by a succession of under estimating Labour leaders, a procession of 'manufactured' crisis that only proved them monumentally in error with the passage of time, and now following the Marxist inspired rent-a mob philosophies over trade, have presented the 2016 image of a once Great Political force in NZ politics as a figure of fun, pathos and derision.

The street interviews on state TV infotainment hour last night with marchers, gave an insight  to the almost bereft of understanding as to what many of the vastly overstated numbers were marching for.
One particular moron who clearly had syphoned too many petrol tanks claimed it was because "he" had raised Gas prices. For gawds sake gas prices are at historic lows in how many years.
Oh and BTW 'John Keys' had absolutely nothing to do with the Barrel price of crude oil currently ruling.

I do not think Lemmings can be expected to overcome the mob flight to the cliff any time soon but surely as those who for whatever reason don't actually succeed in leaping to their death, survive and breed subsequent generations of "Lemmings", surely the moronic practice will eventually be consigned to the mists of time.

Sometimes in moments of distraction I have onset emotions of pity for Nigel Haworth but then I recall he is of academic stock and that affliction has an inordinate ability to cloud common sense, then the moment passes very quickly.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


New Zealand lives and dies by trade and, up until last Monday, there was bi-partisan agreement between National and Labour in support of free trade summed up best by Helen Clark when she said last year that New Zealand could not afford to be left out of the TPPA.

So, if we look at those who oppose the signing of the TPPA and, apart from the loony tunes on the far right and far left of the political spectrum (those on the Right who believe the agreement is manifestation of the mythical 'One World Government' and, on the Left, assorted anarchists aided and abetted by the likes of the Bomber Bradburys, Sue Bradfords, John Mintos and Hone Harawiras of this world who believe in 'direct action' read violence against people and property), they are an eclectic mixture comprising those who see it as expedient to put politics ahead of country (the Labour Party B team);  those 'little islanders' who would have it that New Zealand can pull up the drawbridge and isolate itself from the rest of the world while indulging in a modicum of xenophobia (Winston First/Greens); sundry assorted academics for whom trade is an academic exercise rather than a reality (Kelsey et al) and the unthinking, unwashed, led by the nose and by the mantra that anything John Key/National does is, by definition, bad and must be opposed.

A dispirit lot who collectively make Luddites look like intelligent people.

Tell you something for nothing.   You don't hear a peep out of manufacturers (you know, the ones that Labour/Greens/NZ First said were in crisis), exporters and farmers against the TPPA.  They are the wealth creators, they know the value of free trade.   They are the people worth listening to.

p.s.   To Andrew Little.   Noting your pledge to renegotiate the TPPA to include the right for NZL to legislate out the sale of land to foreigners and does that extend to the China FTA (negotiated by Labour/NZ First) ... surely you have to be consistent or, if not, your pledge is just meaningless clap trap ... just askin.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Could You Possibly Make Ths Up?

hattip Tim Blair

The Australian Labour Party's flagship new 'children's policy.'

Nothing further needs be said!


Memo to John Key ... tell me it's true the word that you have invited Helen Clark, Mike Moore, Phil Goff and David Shearer to the TPPA signing ceremony. If you have, brilliant. If you haven't, do it.

Nuff said.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Photo / Scott Fletcher
McLean Park Napier Friday January 28th.

No Smoking! oh yes high fire risk eh

Methinks there could be some water under those covers.
Also could be a bit slippy on the grassy knoll

Best get the Budgie Smugglers out pdm.

ps has the drought broken my spies say yes for now.