Friday, November 28, 2014

Banks Conviction Overturned.

Press conference at 1500 hrs.

Where Could It Be Fixed?

The Ginga Whinga is going to save us all, Utter Bollocks.

Using a prediction from the Environment Commissioner  today,that sea levels could rise by up to half a meter by 2050, XXXX embarks on another crusade to destroy our wealth creation with demands NZ seriously reduces carbon emissions immediately.

If NZ ceased creating CO2 next Monday it would reduce world emissions by less than 1%
 and it would be one hell of a task as rather uniquely, we produce most of our emissions from livestock metabolism.

Now Wussel one way we could make a serious contribution to your impossible dream would be to stop generating energy and heating from burning coal and natural gas and replace that source with modern nuclear plants.
I will not hold out any hope for that  signal to the rest of the world but that is a low emission solution to your imagined problem.

I Know Which Is The More Tragic.

Phillip Hughes, a talented and successful Australian Cricketer dies three days short of his 26th Birthday playing the sport he loved and on the cusp of a recall to the Test side next Thursday.
Sean Abbott bowled a legal delivery and Hughes attempted a hook shot, the ball struck Hughes below the protective helmet in a totally freak incident rupturing a major artery delivering blood to his brain.

Yesterday Hughes was taken off life support and died pain free very soon after in the presence of his family and friends.

Meanwhile Heidi Welman  Scott 41, was stabbed to death on Auckland North Shore by her ex partner while under a protection order.
Bizarrely, Heidi died during White ribbon week and her killer arrested at Auckland Airport attempting to flee and had been due to appear in the North Shore court on charges of breaking that protection order.

On the evidence published so far Hughes tragic death occurred within the laws and best practice in current use. He possibly did not even understand what happened and the ball brought no more fear or premonition than many others faced. He was felled in an environment of his choosing among friends, family and comrades
Poor Heidi died because a benighted system didn't lock a bastard scumbag up while his alleged breach of a protection order was processed. She died after an attack that was months coming and would have confronted the sheer terror of what her killer intended to do to her. Heidi was felled in the absence of all those hand wringers and sycophants paying lip service to all the legislated rubbish that in the end moments of her life were absolutely of no support or assistance at all.

Which was the more tragic? Which death is being given the greater coverage in NZ Media.

RIP Heidi Welman Scott and Phillip Joel Hughes.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Not The Mousetrap.

But been running for a whole lot longer is "Dirty Politics".

The Mousetrap is a monumentally successful Westend of London Stageplay running continuously since 1952.
Dirty politics has been running since the genre began.

The Rat trap was a production of
A socialist claiming a desire to establish a leftwing blog sought Cameron Slater's assistance in establishing "Slightly Left of Center" as a more palatable offering than the rather extreme Dailyblog and The Standard.
Slater was open and helpful but suspicions led him to set a test and lo and behold the trap closed when good old Auntie Annie aka Annette King, gave the bait to little lardy Megan Woods and the trapped animal was one Josh Foreman.
Dear old Auntie Annie, you might remember her as the landlord and ultimately protector of Vunderkid Darren Hughes who has been skulking in hiding following an unsavory evening that ended with a naked man running down the street to escape Hughes.

But you will not read about this or hear it from the sycophantic MSM, the truth will out as the net closes on the tawdry events around the stolen emails of Cameron Slater.
Dirty Politics is possibly a challenger for the oldest profession and those nice people in Labour along with their enablers The Melons will have many questions to answer if the MSM discover the truth is bigger than their precious socialist agenda, discover the jar their balls are stored in and start revealing the true story.

Popcorn futures could be attractive as a hedge.

Who's Counting?

Heard the Ginga Aussie Communist whinging yet again on the evil Nats geting donations to support their Political campaigns  on Newtalkzb Breakfast show

Guess what  comes up, yep taxpayer funding for fringe political movements with insufficient appeal to attract funding from donations of supporters.

Should taxpayer funding increase from the already significant levels that were exploited by the oh so innocent Melons when they manipulated the departure of Tanzcos, sidelining Delahunty and Ward to enable Norman to enter parliament and gain access to parliamentary Services funding for an upcoming general election as the penis equipped co- leader replacing Donald.

The case for increasing taxpayer funding for lobby groups masquerading as 'parties' will be slightly more palatable when a formula for counting volunteer activities is added to the mix
The trade union official who runs a parallel campaign funded by membership levies with no permission from the member with the intelligence to judge the beneficiary of such largess true worth and reject it.
The tree hugging perennial student already enjoying a state sponsored income campaigning for the Melons.
Public servants campaigning for their beloved socialists using paid work time and resources.
Mobilising beneficiaries to carry out leaflet drops in spite of the debilitating ailment that precludes active work or seeking same.

While the entrepreneur working every hour available to gain success, choosing to donate cash in lieu of valuable personal time will be required to account for such political involvement under threat of criminal prosecution for a lapse of accurate acknowledgment.

Cash is of minimal impact in political campaigns and can have a very negative outcome as demonstrated with the millions splurged by Herr Schmitz that had only one tangible outcome other than an orgy of hypocrisy when Nga Pui's ordained one was given his beans.


The vitriol that one sees from the extreme Left side of the political divide continues to amaze but not suprise.   Take this little gem from a Messina N Aaron Carter posted on the Internet Party Facebook page .... "Why he got reelected puzzles me and prob 100's of others too, wouldn't it just be a hoot if their next Headlines read 'John Key Assassinated' ... Sometimes I wish wishes really did come true."

Not much more to be said except with a name like that it shouldn't be too difficult for the DPS to track that person down to go on their 'watch' list.

Reminds me of the incident in the early 1990's when that paragon of virtue and poster girl for the hard Left of NZl politics, Pam Corkery, said on her talk show and referring to Ruth Richardson that we would all be better off if she was dead.   I took a complaint to the BSA over that which was upheld.   Corkery was forced to broadcast on on air apology and write a formal letter of apology to RR.   I still have a copy of that letter ... written on the shonkiest typewriter she could find c/w numerous spelling mistakes and very bad grammar, it was the perfect faux apology from a nasty piece of work who didn't mean a word of it.

Even our 'nice' Mr Holden doesn't come close to that.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Once Upon A Time.........

The NZBC could be relied upon to be the ultimate exemplar of good English and correct grammar.  There even was a manual for the guidance of the potential illiterates who these days are employed without question, or so it seems.

Have a look at this from the TVNZ  news website:-

News from Q+A


I have always been interested in aviation (and golf and history and politics).   Indeed I can, along with every other pilot, recount in boring and exquisite detail every moment of my 'first solo' including the perfect three point landing although, to the more dispassionate observer, it probably resembled something akin to Barnes Wallis' Bouncing bomb first used in Operation Chastise (the Dambusters raid) .... I digress.

For whatever reason no great acknowledgement has ever been given to the Russians for the quite outstanding work they did in pioneering aviation design and practice pre WW1 led by Igor Ivanovich Sikorski (1889-1972).   
In 1911 only two years after Bleriot first flew the English Channel and when no known aircraft could lift more than 600kg Sikorski designed the S21 Russky Vitvaz pictured below .....


It was the worlds first four engine passenger airliner and was a decade plus ahead of its time.    It has a crew of three along with an enclosed cabin which could take up to seven passengers.   It first flew on 10 May 1913 and it was quickly established that a person could move around the cabin without affecting aircraft stability.   It had a maxium speed of 90 kph, a range of 170 km and a operational ceiling of 600m.  

It was was crushed on 23 June 1913 when hit by an engine that fell off another aircraft on landing. Sikorski decided against repairing it and instead turned his attention to designing the S22 and S23 variants, the Ilya Muromets, which first flew in December 1913 and served both as a passenger and freight aircraft and as a heavy bomber and remained in service until 1922.   The cabin in the Ilya Muromets (passenger aircraft) was insulated and fitted with heating and electric light and incorporated both a bed and a toilet/washroom.

Sikorski later emigrated to the United States where he continued his pioneering work which included designing the rotor configuration used by most helicopters today.     The Sikorski R-4 was the worlds first mass-produced helicopter in 1942.

Arrogant My Arse.

Calling a clear thinking, open, decisive, intelligent man such as John Key, arrogant, merely displays desperation,  helplessness and demonstrates the dearth of original thinking held by an increasingly inept opposition.

Norman, Peters and Little behaved like children at a lolly scramble when they demanded of Speaker Carter the timing of their request for a debate on the SIS report from Ms Gwynn.
Norman at 10 06, Peters at 10 08 and Little at 10 08.5.

Watchers of Parliament were then left watching a clod fight as one after the other they threw mud and failed spectacularly to land a hit.
Norman with hyperbolic faux outrage, Peters with a typically mumbling diatribe that was so humorous when viewed against the multiple shennanigins displayed in his long history of failing to ever reveal his many contretemps,  and then a vein popping angry OTT display by Little in his first opportunity to display fitness as  a potential Prime Minister.

Of course it is so easy to call the PM arrogant, just doing his job will create such opportunity and of course he had more pressing business while the charade unfolded, it was just running the country.

Is it time ti limit the number of questions as a means of terminating the sad inane openings, does whoever "stand by their statements/position and has the minister seen any reports with the bonus of removing the overt politics in questions. say a primary and one or at the most two supplementaries.

As for arrogant,  this government is the most transparent ever and imo Key says far too much, that comes from confidence not arrogance.

ps the most telling moment of Q Time was a clearly incensed Findlayson giving the larger woman cloths horse her beans for her pathetic efforts with Q 10.

The lies we tell ourselves

Stuff reports:

John Key: No dirt has stuck to my office

Or, to put it in more pungent terms, yet again Key declares "Nah, that's not me pissing in your mouth" and his loyal supporters reply "If you say so, John (glug, choke)."

Just to recap:
1.  The report found no proof of collusion between Key's office and the SIS.  And it certainly is possible that Key's staff got Slater to make an OIA request just on the off-chance that Tucker would release "incomplete, inaccurate and misleading" information that made Goff look bad, and that chance just happened to come up.  Feel free to tell yourself that lie if it makes you feel better.

2.  The report found that Hager was absolutely right about Key running a two-tier programme, with him being kept clean while his staff orchestrated a vicious but plausibly-deniable dirty tricks campaign.

3.  Further, it found that the Prime Minister of New Zealand outsourced his vital role of overseeing the state's security apparatus to a National Party political appointee.

4.  Further, it found that Key's dirty-tricks employees have been breaching the Public Records Act by carrying out business affecting ministries using private email, for the express purpose of concealing that business from the public, and that they destroyed those communications to prevent the review being able to inspect them.

If NZ journalists have any competence whatsoever, Key will be roasted over a slow fire for weeks over this.  However, if experience is anything to go by, he'll continue to insist that black is white, a significant proportion of the population will believe him, and eventually the journos will give up in disgust.  We'll see.  The question is, how much do you enjoy having Key piss in your mouth?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not Guilty!

No surprise to me, one of my favorite Politicians  has been cleared by Justice Lester Chisholm after an inquiry into any involvement in undermining SFO chief Adam Feeley who held his position under her minister of Justice role.

Feeley was not immune from his own stupidity and some bloggers wanted him held to account.

Judith regains her title of Honorable and rightly so,
Now Mr Key, reinstate one of  the people who have given the aura of strong government in your hold on power back into the executive and put the whole attempt to destroy her by Robertson, Schmitz, the Melons and all the other treacherous pricks who seem to have no limits on what is  acceptable in the war that is politics, into perspective.

What Judith has endured in over a year of sustained and totally undeserved attacks on her professionally and personally is indescribably nasty.

That was and still is real "dirty politics".

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I Am Confused Again.

Hagar claims justification for publishing emails obtained in extremely dodgy circumstances for profit  and political advantage, as being in "the public interest". There is still no evidence as to who hacked Slater's electronic  systems and removed a bunch of emails. The emails were then selectively edited and published with a serious intent to manipulate our democratic process,

As a senior opposition person Phillip Goff outright lies to the media that he was not briefed on a security matter and a press operative in the Prime Minister's office releases direct evidence to Slater that Mr Goff lied and that is somehow not "in the public interest" as defined by the socialist sycophants.

Now color  me whatever you will, but evidence of a senior Politician publicly lying to paint himself innocent is a greater moment of "public interest" than rather normal interaction between friends in private via email.

Oh and it seems fairly obvious that the very same duplicitous Phillip Goff may be the source of the pre-release 'leaks' from the report of the ministerial inquiry due out later today.

But that is perfectly OK when the socialists do it, I quite forgot myself again.

Message for Nookin

Apologies to commenter "Nookin."  I've been forgetting to check the spam folder this month, and just found in it three comments from you on one of my posts.  I've made them live now, albeit too late to be any use.

There was nothing remotely spam-like about the comments, so I've no idea why Google Blogger decided they were.  Apologies once again, it wasn't deliberate suppression on my part.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Andrew you should have asked me about your shadow portfolio allocations.

I could have told you that: 1. David Cunliffe is despised in the regions so appointing him Regional Development spokesperson is not going to help Labour's cause one little bit. 2. What the hell is this Interfaith Dialogue all about? I sounds like Politically Correct `mumbo jumbo' which will be a complete waste of time. Unless of course you are sending the spokesperson to Northern Island to sort out the `troubles' which still simmer over there.

I Guess That Does Create Interest as Half Arsed Garbage.

On the face of it, Masterton Business owner Lucas's policy around "drive off debts" being docked from wages seems very harsh and probably illegal in the face of existing law.

Perhaps there is much more not revealed?

Knew a young guy who on leaving school did a tech course in basic food prep and eatery hygiene then bought  a bankrupt fast food opportunity (non franchise) and commenced to make his fortune.
Sadly it went south as his old school mates and those of his staff considered it obligatory for John to supply them with free food.
A great young man was forced from his business when cutting his losses was the only option remaining.

So was the Lucas system from day one of employment,
Had certain employees been "unluckier" than others,
Was this policy included in the employment contract.

One commenter elsewhere glibly recounted a slick system of track covering by "till manipulation" and another had a tale of a two trolly scam involving getting a checkout operator to make a product change.

When I go to maccas, the colonel or even my local chippy, they dont even reach for the chip basket until the dosh is in the drawer and the dam thing is shut!

On a management committee facing serious shortfall in apparent takings we installed serious surveillance security and it still took some time to uncover the fraud involving the bastard manager  who had purchased two identical tills that he spent hours at home after work, creating a second set of printouts sufficient to overcome  standard audits.
It was wandering hands at the staff xmas function that gave us the opportunity to dispense with the crafty bastard's assistance and then, under the galling and entirely stupid employment law we had to tread very carefully when a sister Club sought a reference following a job application.

Before the chatterati condemn a person trying to overcome scumbag attitudes, is it too much to hope all, or at least much more, background is discovered and published.

I am not defending the alleged behavior of Lucas and now Pakinsave in docking staff wages but can we please have a lot more facts before the scheduled Lynching.
Due process and all.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


It is far too early and far too easy to write Andrew Little off as a failure in a long line of Labour Party leader failures ... Cunliffe, Shearer, Goff and, before them, Moore, Palmer and Rowling.

There are a number of reasons for this.    First, and perhaps most importantly, it is difficult for for any Government to win a forth term.   The pendulum effect is well in play and that has to be to Labour's advantage.   Second, and this ties in with the first, it is difficult to see Labour going anywhere but up in the polls.    The 25% Labour scored in the last election probably represents their nadir .   The only question is how far up can they go?   35% and they're in with a real chance.

Then, turning to Little himself.   Dour perhaps and beholden to the Unions maybe (but not sure how much a negative that is in the same way you might argue that National is the voice of Federated Farmers), but certainly pragmatic evidenced by his willingness to dump unpopular policies and hints (only hints mind you) that he might be prepared to turn his back on Labour's 'Old Guard' and promote to the fore the likes of Nash and Davis. That of course could turn out to be a double edged sword and he needs to ensure that those left out in the cold don't turn on him and white ant his leadership as happened with his last two predecessors.  

Perhaps even more interesting will be to see how he manages Labour's relationship with the Greens.

Yes, Little lost New Plymouth big time in 2011 and bigger time in 2014 but it's now a whole new ball game. Will he be seen as a break from the past and a genuine gamechanger?   The next few months will be interesting. If he can bat through the early overs and is not 'run out' by his own side then I suspect he might turn out to be a formidable opponent to both John Key and National.    


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who Cares FFS?

Reports claim Laila Harre has stepped down as a  leader of the IMP.
That is NEWS?
What about the co-leader?
When was the divorce declared final?
Where was Hone?
Has the electoral expense return been filed?

Not quite a party but a vehicle designed purely to attempt to provide a roadblock to the possible extradition of a certain obese male who strategically splashed dubious dough about in the leadup to the Sept General election.

Yes the other half of the imp had existed, albeit as a personality cult that had managed to avoid electoral oblivion through a mix of racist tribalism and a culture of entitlement around a treaty signed over a century and a half ago as a mechanism to pacify tribes with no identity as a nation.

The internet portion of the abortion never really existed, however the money did.
Spurious talk of a "missing million voters", dissaffected youth and a further numberless vote that only needed to be activated amounted to zilch as the net result was to motivate possibly unmoved voters to make the effort and support the current administration.

Is it beyond reason for the MSM, even accepting it is terminal, to actually investigate what was in reality an open audacious attempt to subvert a fragile democratic process for personal gain?

Does any sane person actually give a rats posterior what a duplicitous, manipulative political nonentity does after a total rejection by an electorate.

The Nation, Q & A and now a publicised resignation, I repeat does anybody care?


She may be batting for the right side but really, sometimes you have to wonder. See here for Sarah Palin's response to President Obama's Immigration proposals. Very funny,  especially the bit ......

Let’s commandeer all the cruise ships, all the fishing vessels and all the yachts those fat cat Obama donors own and then let’s pack ‘em full of illegals and send these people on a one-way cruise to Mexico City.     The  long voyage back across the Mexican Ocean should give them plenty of time to think about..."

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... and she might have been just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Friday, November 21, 2014


The quality of media reporting continues to amaze ... or perhaps not.    Take the case of  Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail who appeared in court today to plead on charges of burglary and assault with intent to rape.

In various reports he is referred to as a "Malaysian Diplomat" and a "Defence Attache".    He was neither.    He was a serving Warrant Officer working in the office of the Malaysian Defence Attache as an administrative assistant.  

Rizalman was not a diplomat.  My advice is that he did not hold a Diplomatic (Red) Passport.   He was however afforded the protection set out in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.   But that does not make him a diplomat.    Equally, he was not their Defence Attache.   The Malaysian Defence Attache (DA) is Lieutenant Colonel Shaari bin Baba.

I know 'Diplomat' and 'Defence Attache' makes good copy but is it too much to hope for that the media might indulge in a modicum of research in order to ascertain the facts?     Sadly I suspect the answer is 'yes' given the state of journalism in New Zealand.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just As I Thought It Would Be

The Commerce Commission has found no fault on the part of Countdown.

The Commerce Commission said that based on the evidence it gathered during a nine-month investigation it "does not believe that Progressive has breached any of the laws it enforces and it will not be taking any action against Progressive".

Nothing could be as stupid as a Labour politician trying to beat up on a supermarket chain for taking effective action to keep prices down for all those useless pricks who vote Labour and Greens.


New Zealand has a rich military history.    But, while we are happy to claim Nancy Wake as one of our own (despite the fact that she left for Australia at a very early age), it appears no-one but no-one wants to acknowledge the fact that one of the greatest traitors of WW2 was New Zealand born.     His treachery far overshadows that of the much better known John Amery who masterminded the 'British Free Corps' or William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) or even Lance Corporal Roy Courlander, 2 NZEF, who actively recruited POWs into the BFC.

Patrick Stanley Vaughan Heenan was born out of wedlock at Reefton on the West Coast on 29 July 1910.    It is suggested his father was a mining engineer, George Heenan, who played representative cricket for NZL in the 1882/83 season.    Soon after the family moved to Burma where he was baptized Heenan.    Heenan senior died in Burma in 1912 and later the mother took Patrick to England where he was educated at two upper-class schools; Sevenoaks School in Kent where he was a boarder, and then at Cheltenham College in a stream designed to prepare him for a military career.    By all accounts Heenan did not perform well enough to be accepted for officer training.   Instead, he joined a British company with extensive business interests in Asia.  

Later he successfully applied to join the Army Supplementary Reserve and in 1935 he was commissioned into the British Army and posted to India where he served with the 16th Punjab Regiment but was later transferred to the Indian Service Corps.   This apparently was a device commonly used to side-line unsatisfactory officers.   In 1938-39 Heenan took six months long leave in Japan.

In 1941 Heenan was sent to Malaya where he served with a Air Liaison Unit  stationed at Alor Star in Kedar State.   It was in this area that most of the RAF, RAAF and RNZAF units were based.    On 8 December the Japanese invaded Malaya.   By 10 December they had destroyed most of the allied aircraft in North Malaya.   Their air raids, which concentrated on the airfields, were assisted/directed by Heenan.   On that day Heenan was caught “almost in the act”.  Among the espionage equipment found in his possession was a morse code transmitter operated by an alphanumeric keyboard similar to a Traeger Transceiver.

Heenan was taken to Singapore where faced a Courts Martial in January 1942.    Such was the 'confusion' with the Japanese beating at the door, he does not appear to have been formally sentenced. He remained in custody and by 13 February (after the Japanese invaded Singapore) Heenan was reportedly taunting his guards ... ‘that he would soon be free and they would be prisoners’.     The British Military Police decided to take matters into their own hands ... they cut cards to decide who would kill him.   He was taken to the dockside when he was killed by a Sergeant with a single shot to the head.   His body was dumped into the harbour.

Fascinating story which needs to be told.    You can't pretend history never happened.

When Did That Happen?

Innocent until proved guilty.

Justice must be seen to be done.

Judged by ones peers.

Evidence to be tested in open court.

Independent Judiciary.

Some of the basic tenets of a system that has served for centuries.

Over recent decades with the advent of "The Family Court", "The Employment Court", "Marae Courts" coupled with a serious degradation of "Court Reporting " and journalism standards, what was accepted as a flawed system that usually delivered, is increasingly appearing as broken.

Sutton was judged by his boss in an eight week inquiry with absolutely zero checks and balances referred to above and now stands guilty in the eyes of many in an outcome that has satisfied very few.

Ms Accuser is nameless and faceless, her motives are secret, her evidence is unchallenged or tested, the charges are largely based on feelings and perceptions, the convicted is now without the job and its income.

The mayor of our largest local authority has admitted having sexual relations with an employee of the entity he heads, including a witnessed coupling on the furniture of the Ngati Whatua room at his main place of work, multiple liaisons with the  lady in work time and using council resources yet  carries on with his arguably ordinary job performance unimpeded.

We are not allowed to know any of the detail of what Sutton has supposedly done, yet the man who has carried so much of the burden of the aftermath of the seismic upheaval that has so damaged the second largest city, is now himself seemingly equally damaged.

When did due process become so altered and pernicious.
I am not judging Mr Sutton but I will always be grateful for his awesome work for his destroyed city.
Thankyou Roger Sutton and your nearest and dearest for your sacrifices.
I am also seriously saddened that justice was denied you in the " Kangaroo Court" that has convicted and punished you.

To those engaging in the Sharia like public stoning of Sutton, you are despicable, if things are half as serious as claimed, make changes, so many of you have the opportunity.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little By Little

Andrew Little has been anointed as Labour's leader.

I reckon he is the only person who has the capability to reform the party and bring it back to the centre - making it attractive once more to middle New Zealand.

He needs to forget about john Key.  Forget about Parliament and question time.

The first and only priority must be to exert an iron fist of discipline over the idiots in the Labour caucus.  And he has the power to do it.  The power of the unions.  The drongos in the rainbow faction and the huggers of the Greens need to be told in no uncertain terms that if they step put of line they will be deselected.

He needs to  develop policy that will appeal to middle New Zealand and he needs to attack National on policy, not on personality. 

I think Little, like Tony Abbot in Australia, is vastly underestimated.  He has an opportunity to prove all the pundits wrong and bring forth a genuine new Labour Party which at last shrugs off the appalling legacy of Helen Clark.

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